Objects List

The Objects List is a list of all the objects that have been auto or manually redacted in a video. They're numbered by the order in which they were created. You can view this list by clicking the "Objects list" button in the bottom right corner of the video editor screen.


This will show the objects list below the video player with small thumbnails of the objects created. You can click on these thumbnails to jump to the spot in the video where that object starts.

Deleting Objects

To delete a single object, open the "Objects List" next to the video controls, then right click on whichever object you'd like to delete, and select "Delete Object".

Bulk Selecting Objects

While holding shift or control you can click on multiple objects to select them.


Bulk Deleting Objects

Once you've selected multiple objects, right click, and select "Delete Selected Objects".

This is a great tool to delete false positives or unselect faces you don't want redacted.