Storage Settings

Automatic Cleanup


Automatic Cleanup is enabled by default and will remove videos that haven’t been opened in 90 days. Please change this, if desired.

If Automatic Cleanup is enabled, it will delete videos and/or redaction data that meet the thresholds set either by age or time since last use, by number of videos uploaded, or by disk space used.


  • By Age - Deletes videos that haven’t been used in X days.
  • By Number - Deletes the least recently used video after X videos exist on the server.
  • By Disk Space - Deletes the least recently used video once disk usage exceeds X GB.
  • Automatically delete redaction data - Delete least recently used redaction data item once disk usage exceeds X GB

Moving Data Storage Path

By default, the data storage path is C:\ProgramData\Sighthound Redactor\, but it can be moved by providing a fully qualified path to an existing drive or folder. Adding this folder to your normal system backups will ensure all redaction data is safe.*