Editing Objects

Resizing and Moving

Objects can be adjusted at any frame by dragging a bounding box to a slightly different location or by adjusting the size of a bounding box by dragging its sides or corners. This will place the application into “Edit objects” mode. Objects that have been modified will have a translucent fill to indicate their state. Once updates have been made, two buttons appear in the Toolbar:

Cancel - All changes will be undone and the application will return to playback mode.

Apply - All modifications will be committed. The new position and size of boxes will be interpolated forward and backward from the edit point to alleviate the need to make similar adjustments on all neighboring frames.

Trimming, Extending, and Splitting

Operations can also be performed on objects by a right-clicking on them in the video player and selecting one of the items from the context menu that opens:

Go to first frame - Seek the video to the first frame in which this object appears.

Go to last frame - Seek the video to the final frame in which this object appears.

Delete object - Delete all data for this object.

Delete to beginning - Delete the object from this frame to the first frame it appeared.

Delete to end - Delete the object from this frame to the last frame it appeared.

Split object - Split the object at this frame into two objects.

If at the first or final frame of an object the corresponding Go to… entry will be unavailable and the following will be added:

Delete this frame - This will replace the two Delete from… menu items.

Extend object forward / Extend object backward - This will extend the object in the given direction depending on whether the video is at the first or final frame. It will extend the object as far as the contents of the bounding box at the selected frame can be tracked.